NEW! Send-A-Way Magic Set - As seen on Instagram!


SPOOKY'S MAGIC is committed to sustainability. Here's how our products contributing to a greener industry:


  • The SEND-A-WAY Magic Set is packaged entirely in recycled materials - the outer box, inner envelopes, and all labels are from recycled sources.
  • Recycling and reusing of the packaging is encouraged¬†


  • Each FOLDEROL is packaged in a 100% recycled manilla envelope, and hand stamped with a custom stamp from environmentally sourced oak and natural, eco rubber.
  • The gold Logo stickers are UV printed, and use a water based soluble.
  • Our Instruction labels are 100% recycled, and also use an aqueous adhesive.
  • FOLDEROL is a paper based product - each sheet can be reused, gifted, or simply recycled when you've finished performing with it.

In the future, we hope to:

  • Maintain the look and quality of our Logo sticker, but move towards a more sustainable material.
  • Ensure that each FOLDEROL pad is printed on sustainable paper stock.